Preventing costly cracks and potholes saves you a lot of money

Sealcoating is one of the best ways to keep your asphalt smooth and improve longevity and durability. Sealcoating your pavement saves you a lot of money by preventing cracks and potholes that are expensive to repair. Home driveways, commercial parking lots, recreational sports courts and any paved surface can greatly benefit from quality sealcoating.

Benefits of Sealcoating

Using Coal Tar Emulsion (CTE) to provide a layer of sealcoating on your parking lot or driveway is one of the most effective methods of keeping them as good as news. It protects your asphalt surface from damage by water, wind or other elements that can cause tears and potholes. A well-applied sealcoating layer can increase the lifespan of your asphalt by almost 100% and minimize your maintenance budget by more than 60%.

Here are some of the many benefits you get from sealcoating on your asphalt:

Prevents damage from moisture

Preventing water or any kind of moisture from entering into your asphalt helps keep your pavement and parking areas refreshed and attractive at all times.

Reduces the risk of oxidation

UV rays can cause your asphalt surface to dry out and be susceptible to wear and tear under constant traffic. A sealcoating surface acts like a sunblock for your driveway and pavement.

Keeps your asphalt appealing

Help your asphalt surface look beautiful for longer with a sealcoating.


Oils and chemicals seeping into asphalt is one of the major causes of cracks and potholes.

Applying your sealcoating

Before we apply sealcoating to your asphalt, we ensure that the area is free from dirt and moisture. We use industrial equipment to sweep and clear the asphalt surface in preparation for sealcoating application.

We spray the sealcoating surface using specialized equipment or a hand squeegee, depending on the size of your project. Once the sealcoating application is complete, we close off the area for up to 48 hours to allow it to cure properly.