PaveCo is a full service provider of complete asphalt, paving, concrete, and parking lot maintenance services.

Specializing in providing Best-in-Class services to their clients throughout the headquartered state of Florida and across the United States. PaveCo works with clients to ensure all their project needs are completed on time and within budget.

Founded in 2013, PaveCo National was born from the vision of Darin Whelan, a then commercial real estate asset manager. Constantly struggling to find a reliable paving company, Darin decided to take his entrepreneurial spirit and fill the hole himself.

The company has since grown to almost 50 employees, with a combined experience of 187 years. With almost everyone on the team having grown up in the paving world, asphalt runs through their veins.

PaveCo is fully licensed and insured. Over 90% of customers are repeat customers and most new customers are referrals- something that makes the PaveCo team very proud; striving to keep an open and lasting relationship with every customer, even once the job is completed.

PaveCo National
Local and Global Contractors


PaveCo National Darin Whelan

Darin Whelan

PaveCo National Mike Aceti

Mike Aceti

Sales / Project Manager
PaveCo National Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Sales / Project Manager
PaveCo National Jessica Ebra

Jessica Ebra

National Account Manager
PaveCo National Mike Ritter

Mike Ritter

Director of Operations

Josh McCumber

Golf Course Specialist
Ashlee Brown

Ashlee Brown

National Sales Representative

Leslie Ebra

Project Coordinator
PaveCo National Blu


Quality Control
PaveCo Pave mascot

Pavé the Gorilla is the official mascot of PaveCo National. He loves banana smoothies with extra protein to keep up with his daily routine of deadlifting 350 pounds. Pavé’s charming smile makes him a popular favorite of the ladies in the asphalt jungle. He impresses them with his extensive knowledge of all things paving while he crushes concrete with his bare hands.