Maintaining paved areas includes making sure that whenever cracks appear on the surface, you have to fill them immediately to avoid further damage. Once moisture begins to enter to the soil, the asphalt begins to loosen and deteriorate over time.

We recommend crack filling because it prevents the cracks on the asphalt surface from becoming bigger. Crack filling helps you get more out of your asphalt surfaces by reducing the amount of money you spend on resurfaces and other more severe damage that cracks cause over time. Why wait until your asphalt surface becomes a liability? Contact PaveCo in Florida today for your crack filling solutions today.

What is Hot Crack Filling?

Hot crack filling is a commercial grade rubberized DOT approved material used on roadways, parking lots and air strips, it is applied at 350 degrees. All Cracks ½” and larger are recommended to be sealed to prevent further expansion and deterioration.

Choosing Crack Filling in Florida

Crack filling is a cost-effective way of taking care of your asphalt pavements and driveways. You spend way less than you would if you had to resurface the entire pavement. By filling the crack early, you save lots of money and time. This is one of the reasons why more people are in support of crack filling as a way to keep paved surfaces long-lasting over the years.

Cracks can be caused by failures in the structure, surface or the seams of your paved surface. By fixing these cracks by filling, you prevent the development of potholes which cost even more to repair.

PaveCo has been in the asphalt and paving business for more than a decade and can fill out any cracks you may have on your driveway, pavement or parking lot professionally, helping you maintain a clean and smooth asphalt surface at all times. Call us today at 954.256.9300 or send us an email on for a free consultation.