Ever wondered why asphalt has been the preferred material of choice for most pavements and surfaces over the years? That is because not only is asphalt very strong, it is also long lasting and affordable. Most highways, roads and parking lots are surfaced using asphalt because asphalt has an extremely high load bearing capacity and will last longer than most materials. If you have an asphalt paving project to do, go with PaveCo, the asphalt specialists in Florida. Our asphalt paving services specialize in commercial properties.

At PaveCo, our main focus is to provide quality and affordable asphalt services of all kinds to all our customers. Whether you are laying a fresh surface of asphalt or refreshing an old one, PaveCo is your best option. We also carry out repairs, patching and other asphalt maintenance operations that will ensure that your asphalt surface is ready for several more years of effective service. Our workmen are experienced and well-versed in the best and most effective asphalt services and you are assured of the best asphalt services in Florida at all times.

Here are some of the Asphalt Paving Services we provide:

Asphalt Repair
Asphalt Installation
Asphalt Patching
Infrared Repair
Asphalt Maintenance
Asphalt Removal and Replacement
Asphalt Resurfacing
And much more…

Pothole Repairs

Potholes result from moisture intrusion from a crack or tear in the surface. The subsequent changes in the temperature of the water from the moisture eventually weakens your asphalt surface. This weakness then begins to show over time, as potholes once the asphalt becomes loosened from the soil underneath as a result of constant foot or vehicle traffic. Potholes are serious safety hazards that can cause falls and injuries to passers-by and also damage vehicles that pass by the way.

Here at PaveCo, we make it our business to help you with any pothole repairs on your residential or commercial property using a team of experienced workmen that will solve your pothole problems once and for all.

It is always important to fix a pothole as soon as it is discovered because it continues to get bigger the longer it is left unattended. The first step required in pothole repair is to remove the loosened section of asphalt on the road or pavement. A jackhammer or masonry saw is used to make a clean rectangle around the damaged area. All the loose asphalt around the area can then be removed and new asphalt material applied in several layers and bonded together. Using a specially designed roller, the newly filled portion is then pressed out and flattened to make the area once again safe for you and your guests.

Safety Measures to Use During Pothole Repair

PaveCo puts your safety and convenience first and only makes use of the best asphalt materials, manpower and equipment in all our projects, giving you the confidence of a quality, long-lasting job every single time.

  1. Assign a crew member to control traffic using signs, flags and other warning measures to alert people that repair works are in progress
  2. Clearly mark out the asphalt area being repaired using a rectangular mark
  3. Remove all damaged and loose asphalt in the rectangle and level it with the rest of the surface
  4. Spray or pour tack around the pothole as required
  5. Lay out the filler needed for the pothole repair to prevent water from entering the asphalt again.

Speak to the Asphalt Specialists in Florida
no matter the size of your project.

With so many decades of experience carrying out asphalt and pothole repairs in Florida, there is no job too big or too small. From the smallest drive way to huge commercial parking areas, we treat each job the same and assign it the same premium quality service that we are known for.

For any pothole repair job in Hollywood, Bonita Springs or any part of Florida, PaveCo is your best bet to have it done the right way. Call us today on 954.256.9300 for a free consultation and estimate on your project.

Asphalt repair services are always required if you have a paved area at home or at work. This is because asphalt surfaces are always exposed to factors that cause them to wear out. The more the exposure to traffic and moisture, the more frequently you may need your asphalt repairs to be done. Do not wait until the potholes or cracks in the concrete begin to increase in size. PaveCo in Florida always recommends calling a professional immediately to evaluate and repair the affected area to save both money and time.

By fixing small issues with your asphalt quickly and professionally, you prevent your potholes from becoming a financial sinkhole that may even cause you to be sued by people who get injured by potholes on your property.